Head of Internal Audit (Banking/Finance)

NIC's Client
- Our client is one of the leading company in Banking/Finance
Job Description

• Ensure the full implementation of all functions, assignments, authorities relating to the internal audit work in accordance with related regulation.
• Prepare the internal audit plan, and perform the audit work. Cooperating both with group internal audit and with external audit firm for matter related to Internal Audit.
• Carry out an independent appraisal of the effectiveness of the policies, procedures and standards by which the Company's financial, physical and information resources are managed.
• To draw up the annual internal audit plan to submit to the Board of Controllers for approval.
• To organize the implementation of the internal audit plan approved by the Board of Controllers and unexpected audit events assigned by Members’ Council, Board of Controllers, General Director
• To draw up, amend, supplement and perfect on a regular basis the method, policy, process on internal audit for the submission to the Board of Controllers;
• To ensure that internal auditors are trained regularly, have sufficient standard, professional capacity to perform the duty of internal audit;
• To submit the adjustment of the plan on internal audit to the Board of Controllers for approval;
• To request the mobilization of personnel from other departments to participate in internal audit event when necessary, providing that the independence of the internal audit activity is ensured;
• To attend meetings in accordance with internal regulation
• To report the Board of Controllers, the Members’ Council, the General Director about the weakness, shortcomings, violations or defected control system
• To follow up the implementation of corrective action; prepare and send audit report as required.
• To recommend the Board of Controllers to propose to Members’ Council to appoint, dismiss titles of internal audit;
• To be responsible to Members’ Council, Board of Controllers about internal audit results done by internal audit department.

Job Requirements

- Required Number: 1

- Year Experience: 5 Years

- Minimum Career Level: Director

- Minimum Education Level: Bachelor Degree

- Job Skills:

- Language:

- Computer Skill:

- Non Technology Skill:

- Others skill:

Job Overview

Job Title
Head of Internal Audit (Banking/Finance)

Experience Level

Range Of Age

- Gender: All

Working Type

Salary Range
4000 - 6000 USD/Month

Work Location
Ho Chi Minh

- Job Category: Banking

- Benefits:

- Profile Consist:


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