Coating Engineer (Chinese)

NIC's Client
- Our client is the 100% foreign company which is a leading in high technology, working the fields of to supply the first time world class CO2 laser optics manufacturing to Asia and a World leader in quality Thermoelectric Cooling Technology.
Job Description

- Ensure NIR Coating equipment in good condition by performing preventive and corrective maintenance procedures effectively.
- Prepare and update plan for periodic preventive maintenance, spare parts and consumable materials requirement.
- Actively participates in new products and processes transferring, and extensively researches for relevant ideas and products that enhance the performance of the Department.
- Also responsible for ISO standards documentation, training and auditing of manufacturing equipment maintenance activities.

A - Process Equipment Maintenance & Development (40%)
- Effectively apply the understanding of coating equipment operations and maintenance to resolve process and manufacturing issue systematically and efficiently.
- Corrective identify and correlate equipment variables to defects and failures and then implement long term preventive measures
- Generate creative and practical ideas for better processes equipment and products.

B - Manufacturing Operations Supports (30%)
- Support to develop and implement improved deposition operation techniques for better manufacturing efficiency.
- Support to generate and implement effective ideas to streamline process flows and increase product throughput
- Train operators and technicians on technical aspects of equipment operations and maintenance, including safety.

C - Maintenance Documentation & Auditing (20%)
- Timely and accurate updates of ISO standards manufacturing equipment operations and maintenance.
- Strictly enforcement of maintenance procedures and equipment operations through training and audits
- Comprehensive documentation of data, analysis reports & actions implemented.

D - Interpersonal Relations (10%)
- Ensure cooperation and coordinate with all others to build strong teamwork.
- Exchange vital information timely with colleagues and supervisors.
- Communicate with others to succinctly inform objectives, plans, status and results on all assigned activities

Job Requirements

- Required Number: 1

- Year Experience: 3 Years

- Minimum Career Level: Specialist

- Minimum Education Level: Bachelor Degree

- Job Skills: - Minimum in BSc/ BEng. in Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics.
- Prefer 2 or more years of working experience as a maintenance, process or project engineer in a manufacturing environment or equivalent.
- Strong analytical and project management skills.
- Good technical knowledge on mechatronics.
- Knowledge of the following methodologies and Principle, MTTR, MTBF, AM, PM, TPM, Downtime.
- Knowledge of work safety practices, handling of industrial / hazardous material and emergency response procedures.
- Can design the tooling as production require.
- Ability to use Auto CAD software to help in engineering design tasks.
- Can speak and write Chinese and English on moderate level (MUST BE)
- Access to coating designs, cleaning/coating processes, cost structure.
- Access to manufacturing methodologies and proprietary process information.
- Access to customer lists and proprietary customer information.
- Works with coaters, technicians and others peripheral support equipment like SRD, Sandblaster, Dry Oven and Ultrasonic cleaning system
- Exposure to a variety of compounds, solvents and chemicals.
- Work in standard office/manufacturing environment.
- Ability to handle stress, proactive thinking, good initiative, and readiness for changes are essential demands at work.

- Language:

- Computer Skill:

- Non Technology Skill:

- Others skill:

Job Overview

Job Title
Coating Engineer (Chinese)

Experience Level

Range Of Age

- Gender: All

Working Type

Salary Range
800 - 1500 USD/Month

Work Location
Binh Duong

- Job Category: Manufacturing

- Benefits:

- Profile Consist:


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