Project Manager (Aluminium/ Glass Works)

NIC's Client
- NIC's client is currently a leading company in design, fabrication and installation of architectural aluminum and glass products such as curtain walls, doors, windows etc,… for big commercial buildings, airports, resorts, hotels, residential houses in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Australia.
Job Description

Design Management
- Review and comment on detailed technicalities of the shop drawings.
- Delegate Project Executive Board to accept and manage design documents for installation.
- Coordinate with Technical Design Department and Project Sales Department to clearly label versions of drawings and documents.
- Delegate Project Executive Board to keep track of changes in designs to calculate unplanned expenses to be included in as-built documents.

Budget/Financial Management
- Coordinate with Project Executive Board to plan and update cash flows of the projects.
- Actively advise Project Executive Board to compile settlement documents and present to developers according to the payment schedule.
- Coordinate with Account Receivables Accountant and Finance Department to prompt developers for on-time payments.
- Report monthly P&L.

Construction Management
- Be responsible to guide Project Executive Board to comply with project schedule, approved designs, health and safety, environmental administration, quality assurance, processes and regulations during the entire construction stage.
- Manage human resources at construction sites; periodically review and evaluate performance of personnel to ensure workforce quality.
- Keep track of instructions and announcements from developers.
- Attend periodical meetings with developers and other parties at sites.
- Coordinate with Project Executive Boards to resolve unplanned issues at sites.

Quality Management
- Ensure Project Executive Board to comply with the most advanced quality standards of the Aluminium and Glass industry. - Coordinate with Project Executive Boards and QAQC team to periodically review quality documents for each stage of the project.
- Coordinate with Project Executive Boards to regularly check the installation of finishing products at sites.

Material Management
- Ensure Project Executive Board to manage materials and report any missing or defects at sites.
- Set up warehouses at sites and assign personnel responsible to manage the inventory.

Health and Safety Management
- Ensure Project Executives Board to comply with Health & Safety and Environmental Administration regulations by creating a periodical check-in plan.

Job Requirements

- Required Number: 1

- Year Experience: 5 Years

- Minimum Career Level: Manager

- Minimum Education Level: Bachelor Degree

- Job Skills: Minimum Qualifications
- Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.
- At least 5 years of working experience as a Project Manager for developers, investors, project consultants, or subcontractors.
- Excellent English and Vietnamese verbal skills.

Preferred Qualification
- Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering.
- 3+ years of international working experience.
- Experience in Aluminium and Glass works.
- Experience with Project Management module of any ERP systems.

- Language:

- Computer Skill:

- Non Technology Skill:

- Others skill:

Job Overview

Job Title
Project Manager (Aluminium/ Glass Works)

Experience Level

Range Of Age

- Gender: All

Working Type

Salary Range

Work Location
Ho Chi Minh

- Job Category: Construction Material

- Benefits:

- Profile Consist:


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