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# Job title Company Location Salary Range
1Moldshop Development Manager (PU/IP)NIC's ClientDong Nai1,500-2,000 USD
2Sales Manager (Textile/ Garment/ Shoes)NIC's ClientBinh DuongNegotiable
3Đại Diện Bán HàngNIC's ClientHo Chi Minh700-1,000 USD
4Chuyên Viên Kỹ Thuật Phần Cứng CAD/CAMNIC's ClientHo Chi MinhNegotiable
5Business Manager (Poly Bag/ Label/ Carton Boxes)NIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,500-2,000 USD
6Sales Manager (Poly Bag)NIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,500-2,000 USD
7Giám Đốc Nhà MáyNIC's ClientBa Ria-VT800-1,000 USD
8Sales Representative (Footwear Accessories)NIC's ClientHo Chi MinhNegotiable
9Sales Manager (FMCG/ Apparel/ Shoes)NIC's ClientBinh Duong2,000-3,000 USD
10Sourcing ManagerNIC's ClientBinh Duong2,000-3,000 USD
11International Sales and Marketing Manager (Apparel/Shoes...NIC's ClientBinh Duong2,000-3,000 USD
12Chief AccountantNIC's ClientTay Ninh1,700-2,800 USD
13Mechanical Supervisor (Garment)NIC's ClientTay NinhNegotiable
14Senior Sales Executive (Garment - Korean Nationality)NIC's ClientHo Chi MinhNegotiable
15Factory ManagerNIC's ClientTay NinhNegotiable
16Footwear Development & Commercialization ManagerNIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,500-2,500 USD
17Planning and Production ManagerNIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,000-1,500 USD
18Industrial Engineer Manager (Garment)NIC's ClientBinh Duong2,000-4,500 USD
19Production Manager (Garment)NIC's ClientHo Chi Minh2,000-2,500 USD
20Social Compliance SupervisorNIC's ClientDong Nai1,000-1,200 USD