Technical Manager


Ho Chi Minh




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A. Build Foundation
1. Training/coaching– Technical Including
2. Prepare training material, course, exam and tracking system
3. Lead onsite coaching program and tracking system
4. Chemical and Equipment
5. PPE
6. Test Kit
7. Sales Tools: Develop and upgrade proper sales tools for reps, include
B. Customer Retention
1. Set up Technical Service Procedure and Standard , including
2. Review the Service report, tracking the service process and
3. To insure the team follow the company service standards and
deliver our promise and performance to customer.
4. Lead the technical part of Client Review- Audit for
top/major/corporate accounts.
5. Contract renew combined with Technical review for top 10%
6. Support troubleshooting and other support request from sales
and customers
7. Account management – support sales rep, performance
C. Business Growth
1. Review all the proposal and calculation for reps to insure follow best practice
and protect profitability.
2. Case study and industry material for specific industry eg plastic / glass
3. Lead the improvement of rep skills on system survey/evidence gathering and
value identification
4. Support Corporate Accounts an customer seminar
5. Support other division for water treatment development.
6. Co-work with Operations to launch new product.
7. Support Sales and Division manager- prospects development
8. Join proposal call for major/corporate prospects


1. English: 4 skills are a MUST 2. Knowledge of cooling tower and boiler water treatment required