Site Manager – Expat


Khanh Hoa




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1. Job description:carry out the planning and implementation work in order.
* Manage project:
– Manage Construction safety
– Manage the progress of the project
– Manage the contractor and the construction quality of the subcontractor at the site
– Control the imported goods at the site & hand over them to contractors during the construction process
– Control the cost of project
– Manage personnel involved in the project
– Assist technician in working with the company’s experts
– Coordinate suppliers and contractors to complete work completion profiles

* Management system
– Support the BOM to develop the standard management procedure

* Other tasks
– Compliance with company regulations, project implementation regulations, administrative regulations, payment and advance regulations.
– Guide, train new employees
– Make timely proposal when there are problems arised out of control

2. Responsibility
* Responsibility according to job requirements:
– Good control of progress and quality during project implementation of the department
– Perform professional work, owner work and administrative work in the department
– Ensure good performance of assigned tasks and offer appropriate solutions to solve the task with the highest efficiency.
– When being absent, hand over the work to the responsible person
– Coordinate effectively with other departments to perform tasks assigned by the senior Manager

* Responsibilities related to company procedures and rules
– Ensure full compliance with company rules, project implementation regulations, administrative regulations, payment and advance regulations.
– Protect property, reputation and confidentiality related to the business of the company – Observe the security procedures for managing source code, documentation, and product-related information
– Attend training sessions organized by the company or as assigned
– Complete courses that meet the requirements of the position
– Participate in cultural activities, collective activities of the company. Take part in building corporate culture

3. Rights
– Propose technical solutions to solve the problem of higher efficiency
– Propose personal benefits for welfare, working conditions, salaries, advanced training
– All other general rights are included in the company’s regulations, signed labor contracts and other regulations.

4. Requirement
* Expat

* Education & qualifications
– Graduated from the University: construction, mechanics, electric
– Other certificates: project management

* Experience
– Over 5 years of experience in the field of construction management, M & E, equipment installation

* Foreign Language
– Use English as the main language
– Knowledge of Vietnamese will be preffered

* Ability
– Ability to work independently or coordinate with partners to carry out work on request
– Time management skill
– Ability to present, and protect design plans to clients
– Ability to build and compose documents related to work
– Ability to work under high pressure
– Creativity

* Computer skills
– Proficient in Microsoft office, email, Internet
– Proficient in: Microsoft project, autocad

* Skill / personality
– Leadership skills
– Planning skills
– Organizational and supervisory skills
– Skills for analysis, synthesis, reporting
– Good communication skill
– Teamwork skill
– Counseling and communication skills
– High responsibility at wor
– Good drawing skills
– Problem sloving skills

* Working relationships
– Under the direction of the Deputy Director of Southern Region
– Contact other Departments/ organizations as required
– Contact with external organizations