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** Description:
– To manage and control all existing resources: man, material, machine, tool, system, and all
equipment, conducting improvement activity in all production area, make preventive
maintenance schedule and effective troubleshooting, in order to keep production runs
smoothly and produce finished product on time with right quality and right quantity.
– To calculate cycle time every process in production line meets the tact time (customer
order). Improve and equip the machines to decrease cycle time, reduce the size or space and
get more ergonomic for operator. Improve and shorten the process to reduce cost and total
lead time. Provide machines by build in house or buy from appropriate supplier.
– List up all problems or troubles and make troubleshooting book that become the manual for
any technical member, even the new member, to learn how to. Make skill map to all
technical members and arrange skill up training schedule.
– To create a conducive work atmosphere, building up a solid teamwork and develop high
disciplinary among the technical team members in order to always work according to the
prevailing SOP (Standard Operational Procedures).
– Making Technical department KPI to support Production department target in: Safety and
health, 5S, Quality, Productivity, Delivery, Kaizen, Cost and Human cultivation. And
periodically review.
– Set up cost reduction program by listing up all items that costly potentially reduced, like:
electricity usage, alternative power source, alternative tools, alternative suppliers, machine
time, machine modification, rejection rate, overtime, 100% manpower load, unnecessary
work station or process, consumable usage, material usage, etc.

** Requirement:
3 years experience as Technical/ engineering/ maintenance staff or 1 year experience as
supervisor in Technical/ engineering/ maintenance
– Having strong technical skill and leadership, that could be an activator and leader for
technical team, making preventive schedule to avoid stop production and troubleshooting
for the suddenly problem
– Engineering degree in Electrical or Mechanical engineering, automation Engineering
– Proactive and self learner, willing to have at least 1 year overseas training
– Having experience in making department KPI that derivates from division KPI and spell out
the activity to every section, arrange the committee and review schedule.
– Having strong analytical thinking to be able to rapidly and effectively implement required
countermeasures for the day-to-day troubleshooting
– Strong computer skill and can communicate well in English both oral and written
– Having strong business sense and cost consciousness to make an efficient and effective
maintenance program, and conduct minimum but maximum utilization investment.