Chief Accountant – Tien Giang


Tiền Giang

Mức lương

1,500 - 2,500 USD


5 năm

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Toàn thời gian cố định


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Mô tả công việc

– Operating accounting department:
– Set up accounting system
– Calculate Product Costing
– Proposed KPIs, operational planning, KPI allocation to employees, organization and operation , control, control and timely information in the implementation process to achieve the company’s goals. Effective coordination with other departments to carry out your duties
建议的KPI ,运营规划,KPI分配给员工,组织和运作,控制,控制,并在实施过程中及时的信息,以实现公司的目标。与其他部门的有效协调,开展你的职责
* Executive management functions of financial accounting, statistics
– Operating and coordinate with the Chief Accountant of Headquarter in the consolidated financial statements.
– Organization of accounting and book keeping records.
– Management and storage of invoices, vouchers and books; accounting data security.
– Effective implementation of the asset management component, materials, costs, liabilities, payments. Participate in building the economic level – technique.
有效实施资产管理组件,材料,成本,负债,收支。参与建设经济层面 – 技术
– Appropriation of funds and the amounts payable under the provisions of law
– Preparation of financial statements in accordance with reporting standards, on time regulations
– Manage relationships with partners and relevant agencies
Update and dissemination of relevant legal documents
* Executive management accounting function
– Develop information systems and management accounting reports to provide information service of the business plan.
– Supervise the collection / payment of financial assets and liabilities to prevent and detect violations.

Kỹ năng yêu cầu

Job Requirements Requirement: 需求: - Fluency in reading and writing in Chinese,Excellent Chinese verbal ability; 流利的阅读,并在中国,中国优秀口头表达能力写作; - Gender: male and female under 40 , 性别:男,女40岁以下, - Education: Graduated from the University of the Economic in Accounting, Finance, studied in Chinese finance and Economics University is preferred. 教育:从经济的会计,财经大学毕业,在中国财经大学学习是首选 - At least 5 years’ experience in the position of chief accountants; have 6 years’ experience in the field of accounting; 在总会计师的职位经验;有6年在会计领域的经验 - At least 2 years’ capital management experience, international trade financing experience is preferred. 至少2年以上的资本管理经验,国际贸易融资经验者优先。 - Had Chief accountant certificate, participated in the consolidated financial statements in the Parent Company and the Group. 有总会计师证书,参加了在母公司及本集团的合并财务报表。 - Being careful, honest, assertive, team working, creative, aggressive; 小心,诚实,自信,团队合作,创新,进取; - Analytical skills 分析能力 - Knowledge of accounting standards, the provisions of law, in the field of accounting tax 会计准则知识,法律的规定,会计税务领域 - Understanding of the business sector in the company. 工商部门在公司的了解。 - Ability to read and understand English for Finance and Accounting; 能够阅读和理解英语的财务与会计; - Skilled in Office software including EXCEL,WORD and PPT. 熟练使用办公软件,包括Excel,Word 和 PPT