Representative Office establishment support

There are different requirements in procedures and paper works for foreign enterprises want to open representative office in Vietnam. It will take many time and cost when preparing for full and comprehensive dossier, so what is the solution for this matter, NIC’s services will be the answer.

With experienced staff, NIC can provide you with our professional service to support each stage of operating Representative office in a shortest time. NIC’ service includes steps below:

•    Preparation of dossier to apply with documents which legalized by respective Vietnam consular office
•    Translation documents into Vietnamese and notarized by Notarization Office
•    Submitting the dossiers to authority (including fees) and responsible for finished license
•    Applying license for a chop, and client will present to the local police for signing in the chop registration
•    Applying the tax number, a representative office is not liable to corporate tax in Vietnam; however, its staff is liable to personal income tax.
•    Supporting in opening bank account
•    Contacting for advertisement on newspaper for announcement
•    Preparing and submitting the annual report to local authorities

When your firm has the Representative office establishment services, there are advantages:

•   A representative office is a cost-effective way for global companies to create a market presence in Vietnam.
•    A representative office is not liable to corporate tax in Vietnam, although its staff is liable to personal income tax.
•    There are no geographical restrictions on where a representative office can be established in Vietnam. A foreign company can open an unlimited number of representative offices in Vietnam.
•    A representative office is not a separate legal entity under Vietnamese law. However, it can sign a commercial contract on behalf of its parent.
•    A representative office license is valid for five years, and this period is renewable.
•  NIC Consultants can obtain Vietnam residence visas for expatriate staff for your representative office.
•    It helps to reduce obstacles for Rep. Office in Vietnam.