QC Manager


Hồ Chí Minh

Mức lương

1,500 - 1,700 USD


5 năm

Job type

Toàn thời gian cố định


Nội thất - Gỗ

Job ID


Mô tả công việc

– Build and run a component based report system where it’s possible to measure, record and report dimensional, functional and visual product specifications.
– Maintain measurement database integrity.
– Follow up all quality issue at both supplier and in-house production using correct processes.
– Arrange and conduct internal audit every 3 month.
– Root Cause analyses process to be used.
– Documentation and reporting of all supplier quality related issues.
– Complete all quality tests required by customers.
– Define QC structure – inspection processes – QC report systems internal and external – Flow charts.
– Support technical or production with documentation if needed to improve quality or efficiency in different areas of manufacturing.
– Instruct and train workers of lighting department to follow the work instructions as well as checking product to meet all product/ quality/ safety requirements.
– Establish the electrical testing system for lighting
– Prepare for all documentation/record and follow up with process of getting certification for all new electrical design.
– Support to build up the work flow for lighting assembly production line
– Establish a basic but functional testing process for chairs and tables – to ensure long functionally of products.
– Clarify testing standards for furniture based on already existing norms and standards.
– Ensure all staff clear understand and always obey all rules in team & in company. Ensure all employees in department to carry out all the processes & regulation and maintain files
– Ensure that all staffs have received the sufficient daily, weekly and monthly planning in order to execute his/her job in an efficient and methodical manor.
– Conduct weekly QC meetings. Thursdays at 15.00 – District 8 office.
– Manage and make weekly meeting report
– Prepare weekly meeting agenda
– Report meeting content to Technical and development manager
– Meeting to be held with focus on solutions, and how to implement these to production.
– Send out week QC reports to senior managers and BOD with clear and easy to read statistics for the company’s quality performance.
– Describe solutions to problems.
– As QC Manager will report directly to Technical, Development.
– Will be responsible to determine the QC teams overtime. Phone call to Manager must be made for confirmation purposes every day.
– Daily phone call to Technical and Development manager to confirm the progress, and to update of QC’s jobs.
– Train the staff in team. Train them in all aspects of making and checking furniture. The more knowledge is transferred to the workers, the bigger success.
– Arrange and conduct monthly or bi-monthly training with all QC staff to brief them on new designs and materials.
– Work closely with Technical team and production team on issues and solutions.
– Work with Design team on drawing revisions and testing results
– Work with purchasing on supplier QC’s and material purchasing in general.
– Will have the authority to determined overtime for the teams. And will have to administrate it to meet the given deadlines.
– Will have the right to reject any furniture in the factory that does not meet the requirements determined doing the sampling and production process.
– Have the right to sign purchasing requests.
– Have decision for recruitment as well as firing someone from QC team in co-operation with Technical and Development Manager.