Learn more about Human Resource Management through movies

Are you looking for new inspiration to improve your skills and knowledge in Human Resource Management? Let’s dive into the 9 great films below with NIC Global, each film brings a meaningful story and valuable lessons about human resource management and the working environment.

1. “The Intern” (2015):

Firstly, It is a meeting of generations when a middle-aged man becomes an intern for a young CEO. Also, this film explores collaboration, innovation, and empathy in the workplace. Enjoy the movie and gain knowledge about human resource management at the same time.

2. “The Internship” (2013):

A long journey from job loss to reintegration through the internship program at Google. Moreover, this movie brings laughter and inspiration about competition in the modern technological world.

3. “Moneyball” (2011):

To understand the power of data and creativity in human resource management through the journey of Billy Beane, an executive director of the Oakland Athletics baseball team.

4. “Jerry Maguire” (1996):

A story about innovation and finding meaning in work. Accordingly, discover passion and motivate teammates through Jerry Maguire’s journey.

5. “The Company Men” (2010):

An intimate look at the consequences of unemployment and the hardships those people face. So, this movie brings awareness to the importance of stability and purpose in life.

6. “Glengarry Glen Ross” (1992):

Explores the lives of real estate brokers in a fierce and high-pressure struggle. Therefore, this film gives an uncompromising look into their lives and work. So, human resource management

7. “The Social Network” (2010):

Explore the thrilling story of the birth of one of the world’s largest social networks – Facebook. This film is not only a story of creativity and success but also an insight into the struggles, competition, and strategic decisions in the technology industry.

8. “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013):


Follows Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker with a lavish lifestyle and never-ending work ethic. This film not only provides a look into the fascinating world of finance but also warns about greed and incentives at work.


9. “Outsourced” (2006):

a men and a women facing each other
Follows Todd Anderson, an employee of an American retail company, as he is transferred to India to manage a newly “outsourced” customer service center. Besides, this movie brings laughter. Also, offers warnings and lessons about cultural diversity and how to work effectively in an international environment.
With this list, you will not only have entertaining moments but also receive interesting and valuable lessons about human resource management and the working environment. In short, take time to enjoy and reflect on these inspiring stories!

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