In recent years, the demand for headhunting services in Vietnam has continuously shown strong growth, especially in fields such as information technology, business, finance, manufacturing, and fast-moving consumer goods.

The common issue is that companies often struggle to find high-level technical or managerial personnel. However, accessing these candidates requires a significant amount of time and resources, as the supply is limited but demand is constantly increasing.

As a result, many businesses have chosen to use headhunting services to address the challenge of recruiting high-level personnel. Let’s learn more about headhunting services through the following article with NIC Global.

What is Headhunting Service

Headhunting service, or executive search service, is a service that searches for, evaluates, and recruits potential candidates for important positions for clients who are companies or organizations with the need. Therefore, the headhunting service will approach outstanding candidates in the industry and propose, attract, and persuade them to the positions that the client is looking for.

As the demand for high-level personnel of companies is very high, but the scarce number of candidates cannot meet the demand. Therefore, the headhunting service helps the client’s company increase the success rate of attracting potential candidates.

The supply process of headhunting services

The supply process of headhunting services may vary depending on each service provider. However, the majority will include the following steps:

  • Analyzing the requirements of the enterprise: The headhunting company will analyze the recruitment requirements of the enterprise to understand the position to be recruited.
  • Searching for candidates: The headhunting company will search for candidates suitable for the recruitment requirements through various search channels such as social networks (FB, LinkedIn), recruitment websites, or other potential sources.
  • Preliminary contact: When finding candidates with appropriate experience and expertise, the headhunting specialist will make initial contact, send information for exchange, and persuade the candidate about the salary, benefits, and conditions from the client’s side.
  • Introducing candidates to the enterprise: If the candidate and the client both feel suitable, the headhunting company will introduce the candidate to the enterprise.
  • Support in the recruitment process: During the interview and salary negotiation process, the headhunting company will support both parties to easily reach a common agreement.
  • After recruitment: The headhunting company will accompany the candidates after recruitment to ensure that they meet the requirements of the enterprise and overcome the probationary period.

During the headhunting service supply process, the enterprise and the headhunting company continue to exchange information to adjust and resolve arising issues.

05 benefits of using Headhunting services for businesses

  1. Saving time and recruitment costs: Headhunting agencies have a lot of experience in the field, so the process of finding personnel will become much faster and more efficient than if the company invests in finding candidates themselves.
  2. Ensuring professionalism in the recruitment process: Headhunting services are often provided by professional recruiters, ensuring professionalism and quality in the recruitment process. This helps increase the chances of attracting candidates.
  3. Support for reasonable salary and benefits consultation: Headhunting experts will advise on reasonable conditions between the employer and the candidate, helping the employer attract talent more easily with appropriate investment.
  4. Access to high-quality candidate profiles: Headhunting services help businesses find and attract high-quality candidates based on their network of relationships and access channels, giving customers more choices for a position they are looking for.
  5. Reducing the risk of recruiting unsuitable personnel: Headhunting services help businesses minimize the failure rate of recruitment or unsuitable personnel. The customer chooses the candidate and the service is guaranteed until a suitable candidate is found.

How does a Headhunter hunt for candidates?

Headhunting services are the process of searching, selecting and proposing candidates with appropriate quality and experience for important and difficult-to-recruit positions of a business. This process is usually carried out by professional recruiters to ensure that candidates with skills and potential for job development are found, thus meeting the requirements and goals of the business.

Candidates can be sought through various channels, including network connections, job recruitment websites, social media, partners and other search sources. The process of candidate search is carried out through methods of communication, evaluation and possibly interviews to find candidates suitable for the job requirements of the client. Then, the service provider will send a list of suitable candidates to the client for selection.

In addition, service providers will also accompany candidates and clients in the process of working together to ensure that both parties are the most suitable choice.

How can we determine the quality of candidates when using the service?

The quality of candidates in headhunting services depends on the search and selection process of the recruitment team as well as the fit between job requirements and the candidate’s experience. With headhunting services, candidates are searched through reliable and specialized channels to ensure the suitability and quality of the candidate.

In addition, professional recruitment teams often have detailed evaluation and interview methods to accurately assess the competence and potential for development of candidates, thus ensuring the suitability of candidates for the job requirements.

However, it is not always possible to recruit perfect candidates, so clear agreements and policies are needed for candidates who do not meet the requirements or are not suitable for the position.

When should you use headhunting services?

Headhunting services are often used in cases of recruiting important positions and difficult-to-find candidates through free job postings or traditional recruitment channels. Here are some cases where businesses prioritize the use of headhunting services, including:

  1. Recruiting positions such as CEO, CTO, CFO or other senior management positions.
  2. Recruiting for specialized positions with specific skill and experience requirements such as engineer positions, project managers, producers, salespeople, finance staff, etc.
  3. Recruiting for positions requiring high security such as information security, legal advisors, etc.
  4. Recruiting for positions with specific or emerging characteristics such as technology-related positions, positions in the healthcare industry, etc.

What is the difference between recruitment services and headhunting services?

Recruiting and headhunting are both methods for finding and attracting candidates suitable for a company’s job needs. However, there are some fundamental differences between the two methods.

Recruiting is typically the process of posting job openings on various websites and social networks to attract candidates from different sources to apply for the positions. These candidates are scattered across multiple positions or even the same position but in large numbers, and the job requirements are usually not too high, making it easy for candidates to access. The recruiting process usually involves steps such as candidate attraction, screening, interviewing, and post-hire support.

See more: Differences between self-recruiting & recruitment services?

Headhunting is also recruiting, but with higher requirements for more specific positions. It uses a deep search process that focuses on high-level candidates. The headhunting process usually involves advanced techniques such as searching for information, analyzing opportunities and relationships to find and attract the best candidates, negotiating with them, and introducing them to the client.

In terms of cost, recruitment services are usually much cheaper than headhunting services because the recruitment requirements are not as high, and employers can quickly fill the job requirements. Conversely, headhunting has a higher cost due to the high competition, specialization, and job requirements, making it much more challenging than regular recruitment. It’s not just a coincidence that this is called a “headhunting” service, clearly “hunting” is much more difficult than just “searching.”

Note when using headhunting services

During the process of using headhunting services, some important factors that businesses need to consider to ensure the best quality and effectiveness of the service include:

  1. Choosing a reputable headhunting agency: Ensure the headhunting agency has an experienced recruitment team and has credibility in the industry.
  2. Providing detailed information: Provide the headhunting agency with specific information about the recruitment needs, requirements for skills, experience, and personality of the candidate to be sought.
  3. Clearly defining requirements: Defining requirements helps both parties easily access the job and achieve the goal more effectively and quickly.
  4. Agreement on pricing and services: Agree on pricing and the specific process of the headhunting process before starting the service.
  5. Close collaboration: Close collaboration with the headhunting agency during the candidate search process, ensuring that information is fully and accurately updated.
  6. Self-evaluation and evaluation of partners: Self-evaluate the search process and evaluate the headhunting partner after the process is completed to provide feedback and evaluate the quality of the service to improve effectiveness for future times.

All of the above factors will ensure that the headhunting process is carried out in a professional, effective manner, and meets the recruitment needs of the business.

How to find a professional Headhunting firm?

Headhunting is a professional recruitment service, in which the headhunting firm will search and provide candidates with skills and potential that match the recruitment needs of the client. Unlike regular recruitment services, headhunting not only focuses on finding high-level candidates in the industry, but even those who are currently working for the client’s competitors. This requires the headhunting firm to have a wide recruitment ecosystem network, experience in candidate search, and negotiation skills to persuade the most suitable candidates to join the client’s recruitment position.

In addition, companies that want to attract the attention of candidates also need to have competitive advantages in the recruitment market compared to other companies in order to create differentiation (because the level of competition is very high).

Quote for Headhunter Service

Many factors can affect the cost of headhunting services, including:

The scale and difficulty of the recruitment position: Important and difficult-to-recruit positions often have higher costs because they require more time and resources to find suitable candidates. Labor market: Competition in the labour market also affects the cost of headhunting. In competitive industries, the cost may be higher due to higher demand for recruitment and a reduced number of suitable candidates. Recruitment methods: The cost of headhunting services may vary depending on the recruitment methods used. For example, using different candidate search channels may affect the cost of the recruitment process. Headhunter team: The ability and experience of the headhunter team can also affect the cost of headhunting services. Professional recruitment teams with good knowledge and skills often have higher costs due to ensuring the suitability and quality of candidates.

The cost for headhunter services is usually calculated as a percentage of the gross monthly salary of the candidate. Based on the factors that affect the cost, the service provider will provide specific fees.

To learn more about headhunter service quotes, you can contact recruitment companies or recruitment consulting experts directly for advice on appropriate pricing.

How is support provided after the Headhunting process?

After the recruitment process is complete, headhunting companies may provide additional support to their clients, including:

  • Support for legal procedures and employment contracts.
  • Support in employee retention, including training programs, career development, and building a good working environment.
  • Support for issues related to brand protection and creating brand awareness in the community.

Headhunting Services at NIC Global

NIC Global Joint Stock Company (NIC Global) is one of the reputable headhunter company in Vietnam in the field of headhunting. With many years of experience and a team of experienced specialists, NIC Global provides comprehensive recruitment solutions that meet customers’ needs.

NIC Global has a wide network of fields and industries from which it can search, evaluate, and select suitable candidates to meet customers’ high-level human resource recruitment needs. NIC Global’s services include searching and selecting candidates, training and developing human resources, advising recruitment and employee development strategies, and payroll services and personnel management.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, NIC Global has achieved many successes in finding and selecting talented individuals for domestic and international businesses. If you are in need of recruitment or seeking human resources development solutions, please get in touch with NIC Global to receive the quickest headhunting service quote.

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