Don't be surprised if you are targeted by headhunter.

The headhunter role involves finding talented people that would be the best to work for clients. Headhunter job has been appeared in Vietnam for several years and it keeps bringing lots of business value for many companies.

Along with the business development, the desire of finding a high-rank cadre that is qualified and experienced enough to manage work smoothly is a mutual target of all corporations and companies when they make the very first start on new market. Although online employment on their websites or other recruited websites is running continuously, they always have to face with difficulties if approach senior candidates. Meanwhile, they only have a short time to choose a new one who is suitable for that position. The departments which are responsible for doing all of those things also demand a lot of money.

It’s the reason why we need headhunter companies that provide employment recruiting services. By their relationship and collected information system, a headhunter is possible to find talent, and to locate individuals who meet specific job requirements.

Headhunter range is divided by kinds of job; each headhunter will be in charge of one or some particular fields on which they have best skills of recruitment. A professional headhunter  is not only finding out the most qualified candidate for clients but also playing a consultative role to give advices in long-term human resource strategy. It helps ensuring the desire effect of co-operation period between firms and headhunters.

In fact, there are huge corporations that are willing to provide an amount of salary with thousands or even tens of thousands dollar to hire senior positions. Strict recruitment requirements demand a big volume of skills and experiences from headhunter to create potential candidates list. All human tactics will be used. Most of headhunters for senior position hold a list of good directors or managers and even have various relationships with them. Because of throughout understanding those candidates, headhunters will give them a new chance by asking for new challenge with a new job.

Being well-known as the professional and experienced company in Vietnam in providing Human Resource Solution services, NIC realizes that the need of executive search and selection is rising along with the growing of investment in Vietnam. The imbalance between supply and demand is deeply changing. Furthermore, Vietnamese education system is unable to satisfy the requirement of social development yet. Knowledge premises as well as applicant’s skills are not matched with employer’s requests on high-rank position, especially foreign-invested enterprises. It can be said that Vietnamese market is still a good land for headhunters.

Xuan Linh