I have experience of 11 years working for 18 bankrupt companies

A very big company’s recruitment attracts lots of candidate. Most of them have considered experience and high degree. After 3 contests, there were only 11 people stay, and they will be interviewed directly by general director and senior managers. But one thing happened; the general director realizes that there are 12 people attending the interview.

-    “Who is the one that failed in previous contests?” He asked.

-    “It’s me, sir!”  A man who sits on the right of the last row answered.

He keeps on saying:
-    “I was eliminated on the first round, but I believe that there is still an opportunity for myself so I decided to try one more time with this round.”

He makes the room laugh; even the old janitor standing at the door cannot hide his smile. Meanwhile the general director is very surprise and curious about this candidate:

-    “You were eliminated during the first round, so what do you mean by attending this last round today?”

He answers with confidence:

-    “I’m just a normal employee that has graduated from a university, but I have experience of 11 years working for 18 different companies.”

"I have experience of 11 years working for 18 different companies" - He said

The general director interrupts:

-    “All your degree, learning aptitude and position are at average level. I really appreciate your experience of 11 years working but the number of 18 companies is a surprise. As an employer, we don’t like it.”

-    “I have to correct that I did not move to another company but all of these company were… bankrupted.” He answered just as though nothing special had happened.

The entire room burst out laughing. “He’s such a bad luck.” – Someone gave a comment. But this young man is not angry. He continues:

-    “I think this is my own strength that no one here can get.”
The old janitor comes to pour water into examiners’ cups when the crowd became loud. The candidate keeps raising his voice:

-    “I’m very clear about all 18 companies that I have worked for. Despite trying so hard to keep these companies alive, we failed, and we also learned a lot from that. Most of people tend to go finding the right way toward success. I’m totally different; I have valuable experience of how to stay away from making mistakes and failures.”

He stops for a while.
-    “I’m sure that there are mutual points to achieve success but the reasons of failure are always different. It’s quite hard to make someone’s successful experience ours, while it’s easy to make the same mistakes with others.”
After that, this guy stands up and is about to leave the room.  The old janitor starts pouring water into cup again for the general director. The young candidate suddenly turns his head back and smiles:
-    “11 years with 18 different companies gave me skill of observation and an analytical mind. I know the true general director as well as the examiner today is not you but this janitor.”
All 11 other candidates were surprised as they look dubiously at the old man. At this moment, the janitor gives a pleased smile:
-    “Very good! You’re the first one passing this interview to become a member of our company. Besides, I really want to know why my acting could be discovered so fast like that.”

Thu Thao