Right candidate – key factor for the sustainable development of enterprises

Besides business activity to ensure profit increasing, recruitment is also very important for most of companies. A successful enterprise requires its staffs to co-ordinate together in perfect teamwork.
With a long history working in the human resource industry as the service provider of many companies and corporations, NIC always focuses on some criteria such as personality as well as professional skills to make the most suitable short list of candidates for clients. Normally, an organization tends to select personnel based on their CVs, conversations, references or interview… Using these methods are not useful ways to help them finding qualified candidates who can get along with any task and be willing to dedicate their contribution to the development of the organization.
So far, although it’s possible to give an accurate estimate about the successful employment rate of Vietnamese companies, especially executive search, some experts believe that there are not so many senior candidates who have been employed and taken a long-term work. The rate of labour rotating for senior position is very high, their working period is really short (few months only or less than a year). It could be a result of wrong assessment of both employer and employee about applicant’s ability to meet the job requirement and suitability with corporate culture to identity themselves for the sustainable development.
According to statistical data from the Survey on “Talent recruitment trends – Cultural Fit” implemented by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry for many CEOs and managers of international and local companies, its result shows the importance of Cultural-fit evaluation. However, less than 30% of those always apply this assessment during the recruitment process. Especially, up to 30% of those have no clear definition of corporate culture but the assessment of people fit factor was chosen as one of their recruitment criteria.
So the question is, what criteria will be used to determine a person’s suitability for a company, and how to select the best candidates with progressive spirit for a long-term committment?
To find answer for the question above it requires interviewers have to understand thoroughly character and personality of each candidate. The interviewer can create a list of questions related to real circumstances of the company that require candidates to show their thinking capacity. Assessment criteria can be listed as communication skill and adaptability to a new environment, emotional cognitive ability, mental elements & working motivation, behavior & personal character… Most of them will be revealed when candidate starts integrating into corporate culture and becomes an official member of group. Giving examples about supposed situation to help interviewer basically evaluating the relevance rate of the candidate
During an interview process, a company should take experienced candidates who got strong motivation and always heading to personal goals as well as group’s target into consideration. If the company’s human resource department is not able to build up a stable operation system yet, using recruitment service from a third party who is professional and experienced in finding right candidates will be a good choice. By doing so, they can cut down cumbersome recruitment process but still can concentrate on their core business goal.
Today, investing time and effort to get people fit with corporate culture, solid expertise that always plays an important role to the sustainable development of enterprises.

Thu Thao