nic global climate action

Our world is changing

Our world is changing day by day, and one of the urgent problems is the increase in climate change with direct causes of human activities.

As an enterprise who have commitment for Corporate social responsibility, having concrete action to limit global warming is one of our priorities.

From the time of establishment to now, in the list of so many internal and external activities, NIC has conducted so many competitions and campaigns for it. Some programs can be listed as Fresh Friday, NIC for Green, Tree Planting campaign in Spring or topic for Environmental saving in so many discussions in NIC’s Talk Series.

In addition, the year 2022 is a memorable milestone for NIC GROUP in general and NIC Global in particular, which is the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding. Responding to the events and activities leading up to the anniversary, and also the process of overcoming difficulties and returning to the new normal phase after 2 years of being negatively affected by Covid 19, NIC Global strongly organized activities to change the working environment towards a green, environmentally friendly working environment and minimize office emissions. These include new policies to encourage all employees to raise awareness and take action to minimize waste and emissions to the environment.

Our Net Zero ambition

According to the latest IPCC report, WG 1, Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis 2021. We recognize that the direct cause of the critical situation of the environment is human actions. We must accelerate climate action and limit global warming to 1.5°C. To do this, we need to at least halve global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and become Net Zero before 2050.
With the call from our partner – Ericsson who is also a leader in climate performance and reporting, we are even more motivated to become a part of the supply chain and participate in Net Zero ambition and strongly involved in minimizing halve global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and become Net Zero before 2050. Toward that call of climate program, we work every day to achieve positive results every year and the first milestone is to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030.

Reduce emisson by 50%

To achieve the set goals, we set long-term goals for the period from now to 2030. With clear, specific and measurable activities to call on all employees and partners towards reducing emissions to the environment at work.

Our activities

In 2022, with the application of the one-day work-from-home week policy, NIC Global is expected to reduce emissions from vehicles and office emissions by up to 14%, and at the same time reduce by up to 10%. Besides, using online documents and tools also helps NIC reduce 10-20% paper consumption per year. With incentives to save energy, reducing unnecessary electricity use, we also expect to reduce electricity consumption by up to 8% annually.

Moreover, with activities to promote the habit of planting trees in the office, NIC has greened the working area with trees. This further raises awareness and motivates all employees to be more environmentally conscious at the company

NIC Global challenge

In response to and participation in the goal of Net Zero by 2050, we have set specific targets to reduce emissions in our operations (office, transportation, business and commuting) by 2030 and would like to public the target as below:

  • Reduce 50% of emission from office
  • Reduce 75% of emission from commuting
  • Reduce 50% of business travel
  • Replace 90% of paper plastic bags with recyclable bag or reuse.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
So, save our planet from today!