Understand What Is Labor Legalization Service

What is labor legalization service? Labor legalization service is a solution in which businesses recruit employees themselves but then authorize NIC Global to handle issues related to salaries, bonuses, compulsory insurance, and personal income tax. employees and all legal responsibilities related to employees help businesses reduce the burden of human resource management and ensure full compliance with legal regulations.

Questions Related to Labor Legalization Services

Why should businesses use labor legalization services?

So This service helps businesses reduce the burden of human resource management, ensure full compliance with legal regulations, and avoid labor-related legal risks.

What does the labor legalization service include?

Besides, Services include paying salaries and bonuses, implementing mandatory insurance, handling personal income tax, and being responsible for all legal issues related to employees.

What are the benefits of using labor legalization services?

Save time and costs for businesses, minimize legal risks, ensure compliance with legal regulations, and help businesses focus on core business activities.

How much do labor legalization services cost?

Specific costs depend on the size of the business, the number of employees, and the scope of services required. Accordingly, Businesses need to contact service providers directly to receive detailed quotes.

Which businesses should use labor legalization services?

This service suits small and medium-sized businesses, newly established companies, and large corporations that want to optimize human resource management processes and ensure compliance with labor laws.

What experience does NIC Global have in the field of labor legalization?

NIC Global has years of experience human resources and legal management and has supported many large and small businesses in legalizing labor, ensuring compliance with legal regulations, and effectively resolving issues. problem arises.

How to start using labor legalization services?

Businesses need to contact a service provider, such as NIC Global, for detailed advice, assess specific needs, and begin the labor legalization process according to agreed steps.

What Activities Does NIC Global’s Labor Legalization Service Provide?

When using NIC Global’s labor legalization service, businesses can be completely assured about issues related to human resource management. We will perform the following activities on behalf of the business:

Signing a Labor Contract with Employees

NIC Global’s labor legalization service supports businesses in signing labor contracts with new employees according to correct procedures. So the labor contract that we prepare fully complies with the provisions of Vietnam Labor Law as well as corporate policies.

Moreover, these contracts clarify employers’ and employees’ obligations and responsibilities and are legally binding. Accordingly, Businesses only need to provide information about company policies and procedures for us to implement.

Disseminating Policies and Regimes to Employees

After signing the contract, NIC Global’s service will guide and provide detailed information to employees about salaries, benefits, leave regulations, insurance, and other benefits. Therefore, this helps employees clearly understand company policies and avoid labor disputes.

Calculating Payroll and Managing Employee Records

NIC Global will manage records and calculate salaries, including daily and monthly data collection, timesheet reconciliation, and detailed payroll. So NIC Global will pay salaries to employees on behalf of businesses and prepare monthly salary expense reports for businesses to monitor.

Implementing Administrative Procedures with Authorities

Finally, NIC Global will represent businesses in handling administrative procedures with state agencies on labor management and carrying out documents related to compulsory insurance; (social insurance, health insurance). , unemployment insurance), personal income tax, and declaration of employment status.

Moreover, NIC Global applies professional human resource management processes and complies with labor law regulations; helping businesses feel secure and confident using our services.

For more detailed information, you can contact us at the following addresses:

Hotline: (+84) 981.23.43.76
Email: [email protected]
Fanpage: NIC Global – Human Resource Solutions
Website: https://nicvn.com/
Head office address: 3A Thi Sach, Pham Dinh Ho Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

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