Salary negotiation skill during the interview process is an important skill that candidates need to know. In the interview with VOV, Ms. Pham Phuong Thu, Director of Human Resources Services, at NIC Global Manpower Supply Joint Stock Company, shares salary negotiation skills and tips when asking questions to employers. , will help you “remove difficulties” when facing this problem.

Pay attention to salary – The need is very legitimate

According to Ms. Pham Phuong Thu, salary is an important part when considering a job. Salary is a reward for effort that helps employees feel appreciated and financially secure. Salary reflects the value that the company evaluates of that candidate’s skills, abilities, and experience. Therefore, it is legitimate that young people often want to know whether their salary matches their expectations and values.

Ms. Pham Phuong Thu, Director of Human Resources Services, NIC Global Manpower Supply Joint Stock Company

Why should you learn to practice salary negotiation skills?

Salary negotiation is an important part of an interview. This is an opportunity for both candidates and employers to ensure that the proposed salary is fair and appropriate to the candidate’s values and skills. During the salary negotiation process, other factors such as Welfare, career development opportunities, and the company’s long-term goals are also mentioned more thoroughly. Therefore, both parties will better understand expectations and financial capabilities. From there, build better cooperative relationships.

“Salary negotiations need to be done professionally and politely. This is the time for candidates to demonstrate their communication skills, understanding of the labor market as well as their values,” Ms. Phuong Thu emphasized.

Besides, according to Ms. Thu, young people should consider other factors, in addition to salary because sometimes you will have greater unexpected opportunities.

“Resolve difficulties” in common situations when applying salary negotiation skill

As an expert in human resources, Ms. Phuong Thu always appreciates the professionalism; and careful preparation of candidates during the interview process. When receiving the question “What is the salary requirement?” from the employer, Ms. Thu encourages young people to answer frankly and confidently.

To do this, you should prepare by researching the average salary of the position you are applying for. When answering about the desired salary, you should give a reasonable salary based on your experience and skills and the average salary for this position in the labor market.

Young people should also find out if the company you are looking to join has a salary range for the position you are applying for; so we can negotiate reasonably.

Answer salary questions tactfully

When an employer asks “What was the salary of your previous job?”. This is sensitive information. If you feel comfortable, you can share. However, you should provide accurate information and emphasize skills and achievements; Explain clearly why you want a higher salary than the previous salary (if needed).

“From an employer’s perspective, I want to see honesty and professionalism, and a willingness to cooperate from candidates during the interview process. This will help make the best decisions for both sides,” Ms. Phuong Thu shared.

In case you feel that the salary proposed by the employer does not meet your expectations; Ms. Phuong Thu encourages you to propose a higher salary politely, professionally, and especially with a basis.

“Please be confident enough to explain why you believe this salary is worthy of your proposal, based on the skills, experience, and value you can bring to the company. .” However, during the negotiation process, you also need to listen to the employer’s feedback; and can be willing to compromise if deemed reasonable and necessary.

Salary Negotiation Skill – Requires careful and professional preparation

A significant rule before going to an interview. You should carefully research the average salary in the area you are applying for. This can help you clearly see what salary you can expect; and have a basis for discussing salary. Next, you must determine what salary you want; and you should prepare arguments to explain why you deserve that salary; Include achievements, special skills, and experience.

You should convince the employer properly during the negotiation process. Instead of just mentioning salary, create win-win solutions (win-win); Offer creative, constructive ideas to reach an agreement so that both parties feel satisfied.

“Before going to the interview, you should practice answering questions about salary confidently and convincingly. In my experience, this is true”It certainly won’t be redundant,” Ms. Thu advised young people.

Other factors help increase the success of salary negotiation skill

In addition, before negotiating salary, you should show interest; and enthusiasm for your job and the company; Demonstrate willingness to cooperate and desire to bring value to the company; As well as wanting this to be an opportunity to develop your career.

When negotiating salary, you should present your wishes, politely, and confidently; Avoid being rigid or too greedy. You should also listen to the employer’s opinion; You must show flexibility and be willing to compromise if necessary.

Finally, maintaining a professional and respectful attitude throughout the salary negotiation process; will help you gain sympathy from the employer. Effective salary negotiation not only helps you receive a salary worthy of your abilities; but also shows your confidence, professionalism, and bravery.

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Article source: Salary negotiation skills – VOV

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