PHP Leader


Ho Chi Minh




3 year 3 year

Job type

Full-Time Permanent


IT - Software

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NIC’s Client

Job Description

Job Description:

o Developing and maintaining web service for Japanese company;
o Communicating with customers;
o Analyzing specification, designing system;
o Scheduling and managing progress tasks;
o Supporting coding, leading technologies;
o Taking a responsible for project success;
o Phát triển và bảo trì dịch vụ web cho công ty Nhât Bản;
o Giao tiếp với khách hàng;
o Phân tích specification, thiết kế hệ thống;
o Lên kế hoạch và quản lý việc quá trình thực hiện công việc;
o Hỗ trợ việc coding, hướng dẫn ký thuật;
o Chịu trách nhiêm với sự thành công của dự án;


Strong knowledge of PHP;
o Basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS;
o Basic knowledge of Apache, MySQL, Linux server and network;
o Basic knowledge of security;
o Good research skill;
o Nắm vững kiến thứcPHP;
o Có kiến thức cơ bản về JavaScript, HTML, CSS;
o Có kiến thức cơ bản về Apache, MySQL, Linux server và network;
o Có kiến thức cơ bản vềsecurity;
o Khả năng nghiên cứu tốt.
o At least 4 years professional web service development experience with PHP Framework;
o At least 1 years working experience as team leader, team size is 2~5 members


Company benefits】 1. Having chances to get attractive company bonus every month/year, such as “Employee of the month/year”, “Thanks award”, “Team of the month/year”,… 2. Salary and position is reviewed 1 time a year based on employee’s performance; 3. Getting 13th month pay every year as company rule; 4. Company trip once a year; 5. Joining party (Monthly party, year-end party, anniversary ceremony…) almost every month; 6. Free parking fee; 7. Joining in Japanese Class and clubs (Soccer, Badminton, Guitar…); 8. Annual Health Check; 9. Company’s labor policy completely pursuant to Vietnamese labor legislation (social & health insurance, annual leave, working conditions, etc.); 10. Building a stable career with dynamic promotion and job opportunities; 11. Having the chance to work with skilled foreign professionals. 12. Privileges to attend weekly Open Study sessions with company's IT experts as well as participating in presentations where engineers share knowledge of the latest technologies. 13. Consideration for promotion from Dev to Leader position based on one's ability and work performance instead of years of experience count.