Christmas 2033 is coming to the NIC Group office. All the staff begin to buzz with excitement about the festive atmosphere.

Merry Christmas everyone

If the buildings and streets across the Capital are now decorated with sparkling strips of lights, strings of red and yellow lights, Christmas trees and Santa Claus then Thi Sach office these days is also the same. As sparkling and brilliant as the shops on Hang Ma Street. It’s truly magical! The Christmas spirit is bustling everywhere at the NIC Group office.

The skillful hands of NICers have contributed a lot to the office decoration, making NIC Group more brilliant and splendid than ever. From the main hall to every corner of the desk, everywhere was lively and ready to celebrate Christmas.

NICers celebrate Christmas 2023  at NIC Group office:

Christmas trees decorated by NICersChristmas trees decorated by NICers Christmas trees decorated by NICersChristmas trees decorated by NICers

female staff taking picture with the christmas treeIT team taking picture under the christmas treea girl standing by the christmas tree
Staff’s pictures with the Christmas tree

Ha Noi office's staff taking picture with the Christmas treeHo Chi Minh office's staff taking pictureChristmas is coming to NIC Group building

The Christmas atmosphere is also created by the familiar melodies of songs such as “Jingle Bells” or “Last Christmas”… Familiar musical melodies and a sparkling, magical space to welcome the 2023 Christmas season makes all employees feel like they are immersed in the official Christmas season.

Along with the office decoration, funny Christmas games are also added to NICer’s celebration scheme. These games are not only a great way for staff to release stress after working hours, but also a tight bond between them, creating a true “Happy working space”.

a group of people smile for the picture, holding prizes in their hands
Ha Noi office’s game party

game setuppeople laughing, they look so happy people playing game and a man win a prize
Ho Chi Minh office’s game party

Christmas Party 2023

On December 23, NIC Group’s Christmas party will take place at the Hanoi office. With the aim to provide a cozy and joyful space for all employees and their families to bond and interact. We hope that the presence of the Nicers will create a very cozy Christmas night and will be a memorable memory this year.

Christmas party invitationChristmas party invitationChristmas party invitation

More details:

Christmas party invitation

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