NIC Global Internal Training on Personal Income Tax Settlement

On the afternoon of February 17th, a successful training and Q&A session regarding Personal Income Tax (PIT) finalization was conducted at the Lò Đúc office of NIC Global. The event was attended by Ms. Pham Phuong Thu, Director of Human Resources at NIC Global, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, Head of Accounting Department at NIC Global, as well as all the experts and specialists from the Human Resources Services (HRS) division at NIC Global. This program was part of a weekly skill training series led by Ms. Nguyen Minh Hang, Head of the HRS team and the Compensation and Benefits (C&B) division.

It is known that the period from February to April each year is a very busy and even difficult time for many businesses when it comes to issues related to PIT finalization for employees. Understanding this concern, the HRS department has organized training sessions and disseminated information on changes to the law and new policies in order to ensure that the HRS division continuously updates and promptly advises its clients. As one of the leading companies in the field of human resources services, NIC Global also needs to finalize tax on behalf of thousands of employees each year. Therefore, in addition to enhancing skills, the training session also presented many practical situations and assessments, thereby improving the effectiveness of application for clients and employees.

The sharing session, chaired by Ms. Minh Hang, included content related to tax finalization dossiers, taxable incomes, steps to finalize PIT, conditions for authorization of tax finalization for both groups of Vietnamese and foreign employees, etc. At the end of the sharing session, Ms. Minh Hang and the experts answered questions and addressed concerns related to the topic for all specialists in attendance.

Ms. Pham Phuong Thu, Director of Human Resources at NIC Global, emphasized the importance of understanding and fully comprehending legal regulations and norms. She also stressed the importance of bringing up even the smallest concerns or issues to be addressed to ensure that all specialists not only have a comprehensive understanding of the job but also perform their work carefully and professionally for customers.

In addition, Ms. Lan Huong – Head of Accounting Department at NIC Global also shared many practical viewpoints from the process of receiving and working with tax authorities, thereby contributing to supplementing a lot of practical knowledge as well as expertise for all company’s specialists.

The training session attracted attention and many in-depth contributions, and real-life situations were actively discussed by the specialists and TNCN tax experts at NIC Global. The program is part of a monthly training series that is expected to supplement skills for all specialists, as well as propose more initiatives to continue improving the quality of services for customers

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