New Year NIC Group. A starting journey in the Year of the Dragon.

In the bustling atmosphere of the lunar new year, the Spring party to welcome the new year took place. With the participation of the Board of General Directors and Nicers from nationwide. This event is not only an occasion to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, new year NIC Group. But also an opportunity for all Nicers to bond and make New Year’s resolutions.

a man giving speech

Continuing the annual tradition, the Board of Directors sends wishes of health, success, and prosperity to the Nicer family. This New Year’s greeting shows faith and hope in a bright and prosperous future for the company. New Year nic group.

“A new year is like a blank book. The pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. I hope that the new year will be full of positivity for you. Happy Lunar New Year!”

NIC Global – Celebrate the Year of the Dragon 2024

man pouring wine into glass

people raise the toast, cheer for a new year

Giving lucky money

Boss giving lucky money to employee

The ceremony also marks the beginning of a new year with the pouring of wine and the giving of spring lucky money envelopes, symbolizing prosperity and luck. Every glass of wine poured, and every wish given symbolizes solidarity and determination among the Nicer family. The Nicers rejoiced together, sharing their New Year’s greetings, from words of thanks to words of encouragement and hope. New Year nic group.

four people are singing on the stage

a women in a red dress is singing a song

At the end of the spring opening ceremony, the entertainment program brought a vibrant and joyful atmosphere to the auditorium. The performances were filled with a joyful atmosphere with the presence of Ms. Le Minh Loan – Deputy General Director, contributing to making the ceremony memorable and meaningful.

On such a special occasion, NIC Global would like to wish all our partners, customers, and the Nicer family a warm and joy-filled New Year. Happy Lunar New Year! May NIC GROUP reach the sky like a rocket in the year of the Dragon!

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