HR Director


Ho Chi Minh


1,500 - 2,200 USD


4 year 4 year

Job type

Full-Time Permanent



Job ID


NIC’s Client

Job Description

Overview of duties

– The position is responsible for planning, developing and implementing the best HR strategy possible including recruitment, talent management and mobility activities for Local Status Employees and for Expatriate Status Employees to support the hotels growth and development within the country.
– She will partner with operational leaders at the Head offices and hotels, to implement consistent and fair employment conditions and practices in compliance with Human Resources internationally recognized and within the country labor code and local regulations.

Main Responsibilities

– Ensure recruitment charter is followed by all entities within the country in order to preserve the basic ethical and methodological rules which should govern the application of recruitment processes.
– Anticipate recruitment needs and maintain a database of potential candidates and talents to ensure a sufficient flow of CVs and applications to match hotels and offices recruitment needs.
– Ensure recruitment tools are used widely and to the best efficiency possible and promote every opportunity for to be visible in all recruitment channels available within the country.

– Promote employee (local/foreigner) mobility within mobility guidelines which may meet the country growth and needs.
– Offers motivating prospects for advancement that can correspond to the majority of the staff’s expectations. Help employees to achieve their mobility by providing information and support to applicants throughout the mobility process.
– Liaise with other province to maximize mobility opportunities via regular mobility meetings, exchange of employee profiles and all other channel available.
– Establish a strong mobility culture which is promoted by all actors via regular performance appraisals, career development interviews. Ensure all vacancies are always advertised timely in a very transparent way especially with the use of mobility tool.

HR Development & Talent Management
– Ensure that company has the most highly skilled talent in hospitality and tourism in the country. Facilitate growth through the learning environment it provides by recognizing each individual achievement, facilitating learning programs and ensuring quality training teams.
– Take the lead in providing dedicated learning and development teams which can deliver a wide range of activities to facilitate a culture of constant renewal of knowledge and skills.
– Promote all learning channels to employees through classroom training, which is delivered virtual or face to face, and flexible self-paced online e-learning.
– Support on-going Talent Management programs where in place.
– Ensure that hotels have all SOP in practice with dedicated training program when required.

Employee Recognition Programs & Employee Opinion Survey
– Support all Employee Recognition programs and their successful implementation within the country / region.
– Animate regular activities to promote Employee recognition programs to encourage employee participation and loyalty.
– Ensure regular employee opinion survey is conducted with all employees, within all entities as per set guidelines and calendar. Ensure results are communicated to all and proper follow up and action plan are implemented accordingly.

HR Indicator Reporting
– Ensure all HR indicators’ reporting is dedicated to provide relevant and accurate measures for the HR network according to HR reporting within the MIR reporting.
– Ensure HR DATA is the sole application at Group level to collect headcount and other HR indicators for all head offices and owned, leased and managed hotels.
– Provide necessary information and coaching to all hotels HR teams to provide accurate data to meet reporting deadline accordingly. Develop and implement business HR intelligence tools which help hotels and team to measure better HR performance.

HR Diversity Policy & Compliance
– Promote equal opportunity to every individual, taking only skills into account at every step of an employee professional career path.
– Always fight against all forms of discrimination and favoritism.
– Lead the way to promote internal training or information on the subject of diversity in line with employees local context and maximize use of training tools available.
– Communicate company diversity policy and initiatives throughout the region hotel & offices network, also to business partners via internal & external communication channels.
– Initiate activities which promote interactions with local communities in a way which is responsible and sustainable.

HR Communication & Social Media
– Make use of all communication channels (offline, online) available to expand visibility and maximize option to interact with all communities within the country.
– Encourage the use of social media (Facebook, Twitter…) network to communicate and promote employer image.
– Ensure all HR communication activities and campaign within the country (hotels, corporate) are respectful of the Corporation Communication guidelines and policy.

Safety, Quality & Environment Responsibilities
– Ensures the safety of the people and property within the country. Know and applies security procedures.
– Adhere and support commitments to the “Environment Charter” monitor and oversight of Quality performances of your respective departments and teams following set annual objectives.

Other Responsibilities
– To support other activities in the Corporate Office and Hotels as assigned.

Main Complexity/Critical issues in the Job
– The ability to effectively communicate with team members, Hotels/Offices, potential candidates and institutions to build or create positive employer image.
– The ability to manage the talents pool to further support the growing needs of Hotels/Office around the country.
– The ability to be sensitive to different culture, different HR practices and different owning companies.

Required skills

General requirements - Education: University Degree in Human Resources, Business & Administration Management preferred. - Experience: minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience in a senior HR leadership position, with emphasis on Service or Hospitality industry, with International brand. - Fluent in English speaking. - The ability to manage a wide variety of complex tasks and how to manage a team. - Creativity as a problem solver and out of the box thinker.