Senior Trainer


Ho Chi Minh


600 - 1,500 USD


0 year 0 year

Job type

Full-Time Permanent



Job ID


NIC’s Client

Job Description

1. Main responsibilities:
Under the supervision of the Project Manager, the senior trainer will be in charge of:
– Delivering the training content to beneficiaries of the MSE support program
– Coordinating and initiating paperwork with local authorities & administrative officer
– Daily collaboration with partners
For talented professional, this position offers short-term outlook to project management
2. Tasks:
Fine tune the adaptation of the content training
➢ Strong understanding of the needs of the beneficiaries
➢ Good ownership of the methodology of content training
➢ Proactive attitude towards the training materials
Plan training schedule & deliver training content
➢ Liaise with local institutions and authorities, anticipate appropriate paperwork to ensure the training program to be delivered in time
➢ Organize training schedules, while taking into account constraints of :
Often night classes, 2 – 3 sessions/week
Weekly individual follow-up sessions & post-training visits to each beneficiary.
Those visits are to take place on the field of operation of beneficiaries, and should count up to 60% – 70% of the total workload of trainer. For such purpose, trainer should be able to drive motorbike.
➢ Deliver the training as scheduled
➢ Organize graduation ceremony for beneficiaries
Ensure the quality of the training program
➢ Deliver courses as defined with the Project Manager
➢ Ensure beneficiaries ‘understanding
➢ Ensure the quality of in-class sessions, follow-up sessions & post-training visits
Evaluate the impact and the relevance of the training program on the day-to-day beneficiaries’ business
➢ Report feedbacks in order to better tailor the program
➢ Be proactive and make relevant suggestions to improve the content and methodology based on own experience and practical observation.
➢ Fill and maintain the database of beneficiaries
Report to Project Manager
➢ Ensure weekly & monthly reports to Project Manager
Share all supporting documents used to deliver the training
➢ Ensure that the accurate version of all documents is known and shared
Participate to the promotion of the program and contribute to its durability
➢ Promote the MSE program and participate to the recruitment of beneficiaries
➢ Support in fund-raising purposes: identify potential donors; write proposals and reports
Job Requirements
Academic background: Bachelor degree in Business Administration/ Foreign languages / Economics/ Accounting/ Finance

Required skills

➢ At least 4 years of experience ➢ Experience in private sector or business related sector ➢ Experience in training ➢ Experience in a charity/non-profit organization is a plus