Property Manager


Ha Noi


15,000,000 - 20,000,000 VND


2 year 2 year

Job type

Full-Time Permanent


Real Estate

Job ID


NIC’s Client

Job Description

Job Scope:
– Property Manager has entirely responsible for the support, guidance and planning for daily activities in order to manage effectively and provide services for the projects.

– Ensure that the project will be managed and implemented with relevant and organized manner.
– Recruitment and training of the necessary employees
– Ensure the project will be maintained and cleaned frequency as designed
– Establish/update/implement the policies and processes under the directions of Savills Property Office.
– Ensure that Management must appear and response timely with all requests/demands for services from residents/tenants.
– Make plan and implement management program.
– Conduct the weekly briefings, collect reports from all Departments, make directions for works needed to be solved immediately, give the planning orientation for each department, and record the briefings to submit to the Board of Director.
– Build the annual operating budget to submit to the Board of Director.
– Check the project daily/weekly/monthly to ensure the project followed the regulations and laws about safety and fire prevention.
– Be the Owner’s representative in all aspects and work with any agencies or individuals related to common management.
– Work with providers and ensure that all services and products will be implemented professionally and timely.
– Ensure that all financial and management reports monthly/quarterly/annually are prepared and submitted on time.
– Ensure that all residents/tenants implement their responsibilities and comply with regulations and provisions of the project.
– Ensure to supervise relevantly the maintenances for entire common areas including air-conditioning system, fire protection equipment, swimming pool, generator, security system and all services related to project.
– Ensure that all electrical system, pumps and other equipment’s (including elevator, air-conditioner, fire alarm system and automatic sprinklers systems) are operated well in anytime.
– Ensure that the professional behavior of the outsourcing contractors will be suitable for equipment maintenances and installation, services and reparations in the flat
– Record and respond all complaints, queries of residents/tenants quickly and effectively.
– Resolve and improve the relationship with authorized agencies.

1.Establishing the Management system
– Establish the Pre-opened Budget – operating Budget
– Establish the Organizational Map and Work Description of the Property Manager and all operation staffs.
– Establish the Resident Guidebook and Fit-out guidelines.
– Establish the standardized forms and prepare the management reports, including the profit and loss report, operation report, establish the periodic works, etc.
– Establish the Standardized Operation Process for managing employees and sub-contractors.
– Select and supervise the outsourcing services providers as Technical Equipment Maintenance, Security, Pest Control, Gardening & Landscape Care, Cleaning the Common Area and Wiping outside glass.
– Support for the Owner in the hand-over process by the establishment of all necessary materials for this hand-over process.
– Implement entirely all systems and operating processes following to the Operating Process of the company.
– Maintain the Building Region with the highest standards.
– Maintain entirely all machines and equipment with the highest standards.
– Ensure that all operating activities and maintaining works according to the requests for safety and health.
– Ensure that all activities and works for the maintenance undertaken in the Building Region comply with any relevant legal requests that applied for these Tasks.
– Ensure that all activities and works for the maintenance undertaken by the contractors comply with the detailed provisions approved between the Owner and the contractors.
– Update regularly Maintaining Schedule and Monthly Report.
– Supervise all individuals and contractors implementing the maintenance works.
3.Human Resource Management
– Ensure all new staff will be introduced in the first working day, and their presence in office.
– Improve staff’s ability annually.
– Do training continuously and improve the number of member in each department
– Conduct to estimate employees at least 2 times per year.
– Ensure the high ethical standards for all employees and the respect for job ethics of the Company.
– Educate the employees to comply with Company’s provisions.
– Ensure that the Company’s human resource polices will be respected.
4.Accounting and Financial services
– Implement the strictly control to the project’s expenses and make the highest effort to ensure the expenses do not overcome the approved Operating Budget.
– Be responsible, receive, manage, require and recover payments for maintaining costs and other costs that Owner must pay for the Investor as well as provide receipts on demand
– Keep records and declarations for all fees of revenues and expenditures related to project’s management and maintenances.
5.Report system
Financial report (if assigned by Developer)
– Detailed summary of revenues and expenditures
– Fees collection and bad debt
Operating Management Report:
– Management and Operation of the project
– Report the progress of any works are going on
– Propose the feedback for renovations and improvements, etc.(if any)

Skills and experience expectations:
– Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Hotel management, Commercial or equivalent
– At least 2 years working in the similar position
– Proficient in English
– Good computer skills (Outlook, Word, Excel & Power point) and the use of the Internet
– Dress to code
– Provide an excellent customer service, Excellent communication skills
– Be enthusiastic, creative and optimistic
– Problem solving – ability to identify problems and quickly solving
– Networking – network and build relationships both within and outside the company
– Ability to interact with various cultures and clients at all levels