Project Sales Manager (Solar Energy)


Ho Chi Minh




0 year 0 year

Job type

Full-Time Permanent



Job ID


NIC’s Client

Job Description

1. Design the business development plan and goals, promote and ensure the successful completion of the work objectives align with Group business strategy;
2. Familiar with Vietnam energy policies and customs, responsible for establishing, improving, implementing and improving the management system and regulations of local business department, and ensuring standardized and standardized operation;
3. Set up Energy team, study the market environment and realize the annual business target;
4. Put forward the innovation and improvement of the business according to the industry and the development of the company;
5. Responsible for the overall project management and risk management of the business.

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 8 years of PV industrial, with related-scale Energy company overall process management experience, more than 3 years of management work experience;
2. Strong logical analysis ability, ability to resist compression and decisive execution ability;
3. Excellent overall control ability, leadership decision-making ability, innovation ability and good team management construction ability;
4. Responsible for the projects, responsibilities and initiative;
5. Familiar with inspection, certification in PV Project business.