On January 19th, 2024, NIC GROUP organized the 2023 year-end party for all employees. The Board of Directors and NICers from offices and factories nationwide gathered to celebrate the year-end party.

The ceremony is to look back on the journey of the past year. It was a great success with the participation of the Board of Directors and all employees from offices and factories across the country. The closing ceremony helps everyone better understand the company’s business situation in 2023.

Business activities report.

During the ceremony, Mr. Than Van Hung – Chairman of NIC GROUP summarized everyone about the business activities in 2023 as well as set goals for 2024.

Due to the general impact of the economy in 2023, NIC GROUP in general and NIC Global in particular also face a lot of challenges. However, the results achieved in the past year have grown significantly compared to expectations.

Honoring and awarding December Star, Yearly Star, and NIC’s Hero.

In addition to sharing about last year’s business situation and new year plans, the Company’s Board of Directors also sent gratitude to all employees. Especially, the ceremony honors individuals and groups with outstanding achievements in 2023.

Exciting and unique performances.

The 2023 year-end party at NIC GROUP is somewhat newer than previous years. This year, instead of performing dances like every year, the organizers replaced it with the Miss Grand NIC Group show.
The party began with extremely beautiful costume performances from the contestants. Next is the talent competition, including youthful and dynamic dancing performances of the competing teams. At the end of the program is the awarding and singing performance by NICers.

Prizes awarded to the winning teams:

The party ended with the “Lucky Draw” program for all NICers. The company has generously spent gifts both in kind and in cash. The prizes are household appliances or cash from 1 million VND to 20 million VND.


NIC GROUP’s 2023 year-end party was successful and meaningful.

This event not only helps NICers better understand the company’s business situation. But also creates an opportunity to cherish moments about what NICers have achieved in the past year. In 2024, there will be new challenges and difficulties. Nevertheless, with solidarity and constant efforts, the NICer family will overcome all difficulties and aim for new successes in the upcoming year.

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