Head of English Department (Bilingual School)

NIC's Client
- NIC's client is an international bilingual language school in Vietnam.
Job Description

- To develop and carry out a teaching responsibility Guideline for Teacher’s to its Students.
- To develop, assess and ensure that members of the faculty fulfill the requirements of their job descriptions; and to ensure effective co-operation, collaboration and communication within the faculty.
- To maintain, seek to improve standards of teaching and learning and to provide a disciplined, stimulating and appropriate learning environment.
- Providing teaching support to members of the faculty; particularly offering teaching expertise, examples of good classroom practice, constructive criticismof lesson approaches and teaching materials; and being the prime academic guide to faculty members.
- Planning the routines of his/her faculty team and pupils by providing an annual submission for the timetable; allocating staff to appropriate courses, setting arrangements, organizing a staff responsibility structure; allocating teaching rooms; organizing teaching groups at the start of the year; monitoring them throughout the year; establishing termly essay/task schedules where appropriate.
- To take responsibility for the administration of the faculty: to include exam entries (internal and external), syllabus selection, resource allocation and oversight of internally assessed papers.
- Retaining an up-to-date inventory of all faculty equipment, books, and other resources, and reporting to the Principal. All acquisitions of the department must follow School Guideline and must seek Principal’s Approval
- To liaise with other Heads of Faculties and Departments as necessary; to represent the needs and views of the faculty at Academic Committee and Heads of Departments’ Meetings and in discussion with the Principal; to advise the Principal about resources, curriculum changes, staffing and professional development.
- To assist in the development of the aims, policies and administrative procedures of the school and to ensure that these are implemented throughthe work of the faculty.
- To be available to faculty colleagues and be able to offer advice and guidance and support; to oversee all aspects of faculty appraisal and internal training; to oversee the induction of new staff.
- To encourage the professional development of the individual teacher and the faculty team by directing members to attend appropriate examination, board Training Days, and attending such training courseshim/herself; to advise and support members of the team and to have regard forthe well-being of members of the faculty.
- Ensuring that faculty preps are being set according to the year group schedules,and that marking figures prominently in the priorities of all of the team.Playing the full role in Professional Development and performance managementprocedures that will be required of a Head of Faculty by the scheme adoptedby the school.
- To conduct a periodic appraisal of the faculty and a thorough analysis of exam results every June for discussion with the Principal and Vice Principal in the last week of June yearly.
- To have a commitment to the subject; to plan its development within the school both in the short-term and the long-term.
- To review, maintain or develop appropriate schemes of work at all levels; to be aware of general developments in English and its teaching and to maintain a detailed knowledge of proposed changes in syllabus expectations of MOET English program and school bilingual program
- To understand maintain and update the department’s ICT provision, including the school E-Learning Programs (English Central Online Pronunciation Courses and ASI courses, this is an Online US High School Diploma Program for those whom choose to register and study)
- To encourage the development of the English societies within the school both for the primary as well as for the secondary and coming high school level to foster links with other English societies in the region as appropriate.
- To maintain and update faculty policies and to review them regularly; to ensurethat school expectations with regards to prep, marking and data analysis are met within the faculty and to track the progress of pupils and be aware of performance relative to ability; to meet regularly as a faculty and to ensure that minutes are kept of the meetings.
- To lead, promote and monitor extra-curricular activities and events related to the subject, through extension programs, societies, clubs, seminars, competitions, trips, open days, option evenings, Prep School events, outreach and so on.
- To ensure that the visual appearance of the faculty and its classrooms are of the highest standard. In particular, attention should be given to notice boards and display areas, public spaces, and the condition of furniture and fittings.
- To advise the Principal on the selection of new staff, including recruitment, interviewing and appointment.
- To develop and monitor appropriately resourced schemes of work for all year groups and courses which are in accordance with the interests, abilities and needs of the pupils; to select appropriate examination syllabuses for MOET and bilingual program.
- Being responsible for the accurate submission of external (MOET) examinations information to the Master Examinations as required, and for the similar submission of predicted grades.
- To develop good relations with students, parents, teaching and non-teaching colleagues and the wider community; to represent the school when required.
- To attend Parents day, write reports, parent letters and respond to parental inquiries.
- To carry out any other responsibilities reasonably required by the Principal responsibilities may be direct, joint or through devolved structures, but always in accordance with whole school policies.These details may be amended at any time by agreement, but in any case will be reviewed through the performance management process.
- You may also be required to undertake such other comparable duties as the Trust requires from time to time.

Job Requirements

- Required Number: 1

- Year Experience: 5 Years

- Minimum Career Level: Manager

- Minimum Education Level: Bachelor Degree

- Job Skills: - Minimum 3-5 Experience as Vice or Head of English Department at Bilingual School
- Vietnam National, Oversea Vietnamese and Expats welcome to apply
- English Major Degree from a recognized university in Viet Nam or oversea
- Well-informed understanding of the requirements of MOET, English Curriculum Development Frame Work specifications and their suitability for meeting learner's needs
- Good knowledge of relevant ICT applications, Microsoft Applications and tools
- Knowledge of 21st Century Learning Process and Practices

- Language:

- Computer Skill:

- Non Technology Skill:

- Others skill:

Job Overview

Job Title
Head of English Department (Bilingual School)

Experience Level

Range Of Age

- Gender: All

Working Type

Salary Range

Work Location
Dong Nai

- Job Category: Education - Training

- Benefits:

- Profile Consist:


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